Manudieci, leading company in the high quality clothing and pure down padded accessories production was born in 1883.

Knight Pier Bracciani founded it firstly as a family company, specialized exclusively in the “from-the-raw” feathers working, fashion and show business, and later for television. The passion and interest of the founder and then of his descendants for this extraordinary nature’s gift have been developing and improving over the years and decades the company competence in the selection and treatments of feathers of all kinds, making the brand a real reference for anyone which is operating in the sector. After almost a century, in 1978, the company’s needs to extend its horizons and to diversify the products generated a new idea: this is how the first goose-down padded articles were born. The incomparable competence in the selection of the best quality feathers, the passion for beauty, the attention to details, the taste and the sensitivity of the company’s fashion designers as well as the desire to constantly innovate leads little by little the sportive and spartan lines of thirty years ago up to today’s worldwide production, characterized by a range of garments of extremely high quality and design. Still today all the steps, from initial design up to the production of every single item, exclusively carried out in Italy. Today Emanuela Bracciani runs the company.

Today Emanuela Bracciani runs the company.

Still today, under the careful eye of Emanuela, all the steps, from initial design up to the production of every single item, exclusively carried out in Italy.
Through her growth within the company, Emanuela has been able to link her passion and experience with solid managerial skills as well as with the ability to identify continuously avant-garde lines, colours and trends yet maintaining the classic vein characterizing the production. A collaboration with Swarovski, which started few years ago, comprises every year an entire line within the collection enriched with hand-applied Swarovski crystals on each single item. The accuracy in the manufacture makes each item a precious piece, and the combination of colors and materials, the attention to details as well as the exclusive patterns and finishings make the items of Manudieci both classic and modern at the same time, perfect in each detail: in one word, unmistakable. Our family works with feathers since 1883 and we are aware of the importance of the quality of raw materials that are used. Our founder, President of Assopiuma, has moved for many years to our entire team’s knowledge and requires extreme care during the supply and receipt of goods. Is crucial for us to receive from our suppliers the guarantee we always have a constant supply from a qualitative point of view and always be aware of the comforter that comes there. The comforter we use to fill our heads comes from Siberian farms where animals are raised for food and feathers and plumes are taken according to a strict protocol to route quality and send the comforter that we use in Italy where it will be sterilized. Continuity in collaboration with an incumbent supplier gives us the ensuring to offer the customer certainty and security.